Sarah Goffman
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Chris De Rosa, James Dodd, Honor Freeman, Sarah Goffman, Troy-Anthony Baylis

19 - 26 November, 2008

Sarah Goffman was born in Sydney in 1966. Educated in the US and Europe, she speaks French and German. She did her BA in Literature at Macquarie University and her BFA in Photography at the National Art School, East Sydney. She has been exhibiting regularly since 1992, and has shown extensively around Sydney, with various projects interstate and overseas. In the last five years she has traveled to, and exhibited in; 'Eco-boutique' 24Hour Art, Darwin, 'Plantroom' 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne, The Sleeper Carriage at the Canberra Railway Museum, as part of '24:7', 2004, and a solo show 'Hotel Module' in the Cube at CCAS, ACT. Other solo shows include 'I wish I were bigger' at Scott Donovan Gallery, Sydney, and 'Swell' at Block, Chippendale, as well as dozens of shows in artist-run spaces around Australia. In 2005, as part of 'Situation: Collaborations and Collectives', she produced 'Refuse' at the MCA, and made a shrine to all women for 'Seven Beauties' at Tin Sheds Gallery. In 2006 she was part of 'It's a new day' at Sydney's Artspace, and performed as 'Lucy; Psychiatrist 7c' at Loose Projects. In 2007 she produced work for Ocular Lab in Melbourne, with a solo show; 'Victoria', also shown at Carriageworks, Sydney for 'Nightime'. Her work in 'Shangri-la Project', curated by Maria Cruz, is still touring the world. Most recently she had a solo show at Tin Sheds Gallery 'Paradise Found' and was included in the 'Our Lucky Country' series at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery.

She just completed a residency in Queenstown, Tasmania as part of LARQ and is developing new work for exhibiting in 2009.
She is co-director of Elastic Projects, founded in 2000, and was co-director of firstdraft gallery, in 1995-6. Since 2002 she has been a regular contributor to Elizabeth Pulie's Magazine Lives of the Artists and authors the column 'All questions answered'. She regularly participates in Simon Barney's Briefcase project, curates projects and is a member of NUCA- Network of Uncollectable Artists. Currently she has created a blog:, is a master of hot glue sculpting, papier-mâché, mixed media collage, assemblage, frottage, and found object conversion. She studied life drawing for six years and facilitates community based workshops in a variety of mixed media. In the last ten years she has created various community art works and sculptural pieces in outer western suburbs of Sydney, and has given public talks on her work all over Australia.



Paradise Found; Greens, 1990-2008
3m x 2.5m
medium plastics, hot glue, mirror, water
installation Tin Sheds Gallery
Photo by artist


Sarah Goffman           















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Gunnery Studio NSW Ministry for the Arts
 Injection Acquisition Prize
NAVA Marketing Grant
Scott's Church Residency, NSW
Arthur Boyd's Property at Bundanon, Studio residency, NSW
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, residency NSW
LARQ Residency  Queenstown, Tas 
The Performance Space, Carriage Works Studio residency, NSW


BFA National Art School
Diploma of Arts with Distinction Photography
S.I.T. East Sydney National Art School
BA English and German Literature Macquarie University